Wedding season styles

It’s the beginning of the wedding season, so Star Stresses decided to look at the photo shoot of our last in-house wedding party, which was just a few weeks ago.

This is what we saw:

The bride and her party came into Star Tresses at 8 a.m., nine bridesmaids plus the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom and, of course, the bride.

Some of the maids were still wearing pajamas. Obviously, the rehearsal party was a lot of fun.

As always, our wedding hostess offered everyone coffee, juice, bagels and pastries, which were welcomed by all. The mothers who are always nervous and in a hurry were whisked into styling and makeup chairs and transformed into queens for the day.

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After an open consultation with the bridesmaids about the color and design of their gowns, they also were seated where curling, wave and straightening irons showed off their tool power as our stylists created masterpieces.

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