There’s something about the arid beauty of Rajasthan that unfailingly triggers one’s creative faculty. The architectural flamboyance of old forts, havelis and palaces; the riot of colour in the clothes donned by the women and the parched, yet vibrant, landscape nudges an exploration of new avenues of art on an everyday basis. One such inspired soul is Aavriti Jain, of Dhora, whose formative years in Jaipur honed her ability to single out the allure in this barrenness — as did the endless hours she spent at the jewellery workshop of her father, a man whose design aesthetics she has inherited.

The design should be of paramount importance while making the choice.” For the upcoming wedding season, Jain is launching a series of earrings for bridesmaids. “These are apt pieces for the bride’s friends and family. At weddings, we focus so much on the main duo that the others feel left out. At Dhora, we want them to celebrate and look the part, too,” says Jain.Read more at:

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