Injured BMX racer Sam Willoughby’s determination

South Australian Olympian Sam Willoughby taking to his feet to wed and share a dance with wife Alise Post in an emotional ceremony in the US this week are enough to bring a smile to anyone.

But the most significant achievement was dancing, albeit very slowly and a little unsteadily, to Ed Sheeran’s Perfect with Post at their wedding thanks to revolutionary knee braces which stopped his legs from buckling.

“So seeing that all come together and him being able to do that on the day was special just to be able to look up at him.

“We’re both athletes and he has worked so hard on everything else but this is a whole new level, I’ve never seen anything like it. You have low moments where you don’t know if anything is happening or changing but to keep the faith it took a lot on his behalf and I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

As for what’s next, Post is back to training while Willoughby resumes his role as her personal coach and barista.Read more at:

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