Elsa Holsk's Cannes Dress

Did anyone catch a glimpse of Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Holsk after midnight? Why the interrogation? Rumor has it that her dress may have disappeared in a flash of pixie dust when the clock hit midnight, since it looked like she paid a visit to her fairy godmother to get it. Harper's Bazaar notes that Holsk appeared at the Cannes Film Festival wearing an Alberta Ferretti gown (fairy godmothers come in all shapes and sizes) that channeled Disney's take on Cinderella.

Holsk made an appearance at the premiere of The Beguiled, which stars Kidman, Elle Fanning, and Kirsten Dunst. And since those three women are fashion heavy-hitters, it looks like Holsk went straight-up princess to get the flashbulbs pointed her way.

The Ferretti dress was a spot-on Cinderella blue and featured an off-the-shoulder neckline and a full skirt with a high slit (a supermodel requisite). While the dress was 100% Disney, Holsk was more Old Hollywood with her hair and accessories. The Veronica Lake-inspired waves and dangling diamond chandeliers were the perfect things to offset the princess vibes of the dress.



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