Dadi Plans Disha And Purab’s Wedding Night

Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Dadi and dasi decorate the room for Purab and Disha. Dadi asks Mitali to stand at the door and ask Disha to go away when she comes to her room. Disha comes to give tea to everyone and Mitali makes excuses and tries to send her away. But Disha outsmart her and enters the room. She looks at the room and gets stunned. Dadi blesses Disha with all the happiness and asks her to be Purab’s companion for life.

As Purab drives back home he thinks about Disha. He tells himself that it feels good that someone is waiting for him at home. Disha also finds herself lost in thoughts of Purab. She thinks that she has married a friend and she would be the happiest person of the earth to be married to her friend. Before Disha and Purab could reach their home, Aliya reaches Purab’s house.Read more |


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