I spent 8 hours shadowing a wedding planner

About a year ago, Melissa McNeeley got a call from two women who were getting married and wanted her to help plan their wedding.

The couple (who preferred to remain anonymous) said, "I do" on Saturday, June 17. I spent the eight hours leading up to the ceremony shadowing McNeeley as she orchestrated the setup and dealt with last-minute crises. McNeeley stayed for more than 13 hours, and didn't head home until about 10:45 p.m. — which is typical for her on a wedding day.

The 150-person wedding took place at Dobbin St, a hip event space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Ultimately, the whole affair cost upwards of $100,000.

Though I'd been to a bunch of weddings, I didn't realize just how many moving pieces are involved in the preparation. Throughout the day, McNeeley and her assistants directed florists, catering staff, and a furniture-rental crew until everything looked absolutely perfect.

I couldn't believe how calm McNeeley stayed the whole time — even when the ceiling started leaking.




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